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The Rules of Co-Authoring and Why I Love Lindsay Paige

A while back a Facebook friend sent me a private message and asked how I liked co-authoring, I raved about it, because ... well ... I love it.
Flash forward to last week, when the same girl message me and told me a horror story between her and her friend (aka the co-author). They have since ended their friendship and had a third party publish the book, because they couldn't even handle the money.

It's sad to hear about that.
So that's what is why I'm doing this.
Let me tell you a story first ...
Lindsay Paige (aka LP) came into my life a while back when I read her book Sweetness . I reviewed it and started to Tweet her (or stalk her, whichever). Her love and passion for hockey is what brought us closer, and during the lockout of 2012-2013 made us almost best friends.
When I made the step into becoming an author, LP is one of the first people I told. She read  Melting Away the Ice she loved it. I'm not sure how much longer it was, but she sent me an email asking me to…


Hello World!
It's Tuesday, and yes I should be giving you a teaser of my new book ... BUT, I'm being selfish and going to do an update instead!

Oh yea!! 
I just finished up TNVAE event with (always amazing) Lindsay Paige!

And she 'tricked' me into a tattoo (FYI: it hurts! A LOT!)

Nonetheless, it was a great trip and I love spending time with my #writingbff !! She is my world!
Onto other news, I've signed on with Red Coat PR. They're an amazing PR company and I'm very lucky that they're going to take a leap of faith with me!

Remember Always Forever .... It's still on sale for 99 cents! So be sure to pick it up!
Now, about future projects:
LP and I are finishing up Oh Captain, My Captain, and we will be announcing release dates soon!
I'm also announcing another book! 
This book has a long, and very complex history, HOWEVER, it is a hockey book!! (WOO HOO!)
It's called:
The Hockey Tutor
and it will be out in September (sometime)
I'm still working out the …