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Are you ready for The Captain and the Broken Girl?

The Captain and the Broken Girl is here!
I know I have been hinting around about this book a lot lately, but it's finally here!
What do you want first? The cover? Or the blurb?
Let's do the blurb!
Hamilton Baer is not only hardworking and stubborn, but he’s also the captain of the New Hampshire Bears. However, he has a big problem. Hamilton broke the heart of the only girl he’s ever been in love with. After spending the entire off-season in misery, he now has a plan to win her back. Janan Long has had a hard life. Having had an abusive mother, she was forced to become overly protective of her family and most importantly her heart. When Janan found herself opening her heart to Hamilton Baer, he did the unthinkable and shredded it. Just as Janan was finding a way to move forward from the fears she’s been hiding, Hamilton comes calling again. Except this time, she won’t be so easy to win over. Will the Captain be able to piece her heart back together? Or will the broken pieces o…

Good Bye 2016! Hello 2017!

Oh 2016! Has it been as rough on you as it has me? At least the last several months seem to be. I'm just talking about the celebrities deaths either. My real life has been a roller coaster.

Let's recap my year of 2016 and give you a small preview of 2017.
Are you READY?

It began with my introduction to my new series: The New Hampshire Bears!
Book One: The Muse and the Fairy Tale had been my first solo book since Aug 2015. I had been writing with Lindsay Paige and been focused on other projects I hadn't published solo in a long time. It felt like it anyway.

FYI: This book is perma-free on all platforms! Grab it up!
The came book two: The Workaholic and the Realist in April.

Then came The Hero and the Fat Girl in June

Then The Arrangement in Sept

And lastly The Coach and the Secret in Nov

Remember all profits of Coach's book goes into a special account for the daughter of whom Coach's story is based off of. I want to take this time and thank you all for this book success. To d…