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Mary, are you still alive?

Yes, I'm still alive! Even though I've nor spent much time on here.
How about an update?
First, I'm writing like a mad women. I have a BIG surprise!

However, I'm not telling you yet.

I know, I'm cruel.
The second thing I need to tell you is: I'm now the proud owner of a publishing company!

I'm as shocked as you, but I did. Gone Writing Publishing is up and running. I love it. It's probably the greatest thing I've done. Then again, it's also the scariest.
Next, I'm still writing The Ninth Innings Series with Lindsay Paige. We are so excited about this series and the boys are beyond fun to write (and the girls too).

As for anything else...I have nothing. 
I know I should update you on the #FatGirlsStory , but it'll have to wait until another day!!
Have a great week!!