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As you know, the Hockey Holiday Anthology was released and eighteen (yes, 18!) amazing and talented authors wrote novella about some hot hockey males!  Grab it now, because it will go out of print on 11/30!

As a thank you, I thought I would give you a bit of my book. It's called The Devoted Father and the Introvert. This is a New Hampshire Bears Novella, but will lead into a full novel. It should be out Spring 2019.
Thank you …

Elexis wiped down the counter for the twentieth time. The customers at The Latte Bean still trickled in but closing time was growing closer, and she couldn’t wait. Not like she had any plans because she never did. However, she wanted to get back to her apartment, do some homework, and rest before she started job number two at the library in the morning. The Latte Bean covered her rent and bills and such, but her work at the library filled her heart. Reading to the children, helping to stock the shelves of new stories, and interacting with other book lovers…

KU Author Bullying, I've had enough!

Now, normally, I don't involve myself in author politics. I keep my mouth quiet, but today ...

Today, I've had enough.

I'm in several author groups. You know the kind ... all there to help one another. Ninety-nine percent of the time, they are VERY helpful. Personally, I have learned a lot from them and thankful for them.

However, today seemed to be bash KU Author Day.

Let me explain, I'm a KU author. All of books are on KU and I've been successful on it. There are a lot of authors, who hate KU and feel Amazon is trying to monopolize the market. They're not wrong. We all are aware of Amazon's plan. We're all not that stupid.

But let me tell what KU has done for some authors, including me. It's helped reach readers that never would have given my books a chance any other time. It's helped me become successful in this craft. A craft I love and want to thrive in.

Someone once told me, a long time ago when I just started to self-publish, the Indie w…

What's on Sale?

This will be a book you won't be able to put down ... 

5 Things to Stay Organized

I'm a busy female, as are many. I work a full time day job, write full time and run my publishing company - Gone Writing Publishing - full time. Since, I'm so busy I need to keep everything in order ...
1) My home office desk was always a wreck, until I go this bad boy ... 
2) My life wouldn't be complete if I didn't have Post-Its. Seriously, check out this deal ...

3) You have to have a good pen and trust me I'm an expert on them. I have hundred of them and I'm not even counting the ones I giveaway at signings. However, there's one pen that's my go to ... 

4) I hand write all my books. It's something I've always done and on Prime I can get my legal pads in no time ... 

5) And lastly, my true love, this note pad. I carry it with me everywhere and I have several of them. Get them and trust me - then make you feel like the most organized person in the world...

What's in my purse?

Now, this might seem like a silly little post, and you're right. However, on a day like this, silly blog posts can bring smiles to our faces. 

I'm currently carrying a Michael Kors bag. I bought it at TJ Maxx. I love that store! 
Inside this you will find the following items:
a small makeup bag (never leave home without it.)my paper calendara small notebooknumerous pens (no seriously! when I was typing this I counted them ... there were 15!)my wallet (which I really need to clean out) 2 sets of ear buds (I didn't even know I had them in there)my cell phone (obviously! haha)my kindle paperwhite (never go anywhere without it)glass wipes (because my glasses get so dirty and I don't know how)my business cards (because you never know when someone will want one)my external hard drive (I keep it on me because I'm always afraid someone will steal - I don't know who, but it's my fear!)gum (lots it it) eye drops and allergy pills (because it&#…





Please remember these prices don't always last, be sure to grab them up or you might miss out.

There's are books and/or authors I've read, know and/or love. I have you enjoy as much as I do!!!

Pepper Winters Crown of Lies

Purchase it here.

The Lush and the Angel (New Hampshire Bears 10)

2017 had to be one of the roughest years of my life. It seemed like if something went wrong, it did. I still can't believe I even made it through. However, 2018 isn't starting off much better for me. 

I've not released a book since October 2017.  This has been the longest between books and it's weighed on me. I'm not a perfect author. Actually, if anything, I might be one of the worse. No, I'm not looking for pity or sympathy. There's a point to all this rambling.
The New Hampshire Bears are my babies. It's funny because I don't even have kids, but these characters have entwined their lives into mine. No, I'm not crazy and yes, I know they're not real. Please don't go off and call for help thinking I'm losing it over here. I promise I'm not. 

However, I've not been doing justice to these books and have been really focused on working on changing how I write, to write better and to be an overall gooder author. (See, what I did the…