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The Secret Is Out!!

For the past several months Lindsay Paige and I have been hinting around to a secret project. Now, we told you what it was at the end of Tainted (Oh Captain, My Captain Book 7); however, for those who haven't read it yet we're going to let you all in on the secret.
First, it's not HOCKEY! (I know it shocked us too when the stories hit us)
Second, you will be getting 9 books. (Yes, 9 whole books). They will be broken up into Seasons, and they are full length, not novella
Three, the first three books will be on your Kindles and Nooks this fall.
Have you figured out the sport yet? Yes? No? Well, here it is...
The Ninth Inning Series
The Memphis Angels Baseball Team Felix Blake Hector Trent Jordan Colby Roman Spencer Tanner

We will keep you updated on all the release dates!!