It's Monday!

Long post … because I like interrupting your Monday evening!

My current read ... I had been reading a self-help/self-improvement book about once a week all summer long. Then I just stopped. For no reason, I just stopped. Then, my real life (sort-of) spiraled out of control from Aug till … well, it's still happening, but less chaotic. I know everyone has issues and problems and I'm not trying to sit here and be 'poor me, look at me, be sorry for me'. Actually, I'm the opposite. Yes, my life sucks right now, but I'm trying to find the light. There's always light, you just have to search for it. I don't have many friends. In fact, I have no close personal friends and haven't for several years now. Sure, I have people I can call and be like, 'let's hang out', but I've stopped doing that. One, I work too much to keep a social life and two, I enjoy just coming home and doing .. NOTHING! Especially, after a long day at the day job. Howev…

Mary, where have you been?

Time and time again it seems I'm making these post on this site. I'm sorry. I truly am, because I used to blog all the time. My real life is a constant pain in my foot! 
However, let me give you an update on what is going on with my books. 
I am writing... every. single. day! Promise! If you saw my wreck of a house and the mountain of laundry, you would see my eyes have been glued to the laptop screen and fingers on the keyboard. 
I am writing four stories at this current time. 
1) The first is NH 14! Yes, this book is due to my editor the first week of December and I'm looking toward a Jan/Feb release date. I do have the cover (which can be the hardest part at times!) and a (sort-of) blurb done. If you want to know who this book will focus on … you should read The Opposite Attractions NH 13 (click here) because this will lead into NH 14. 😁😁😁
2) The second is a secret with Melody Heck Gatto. This will be coming in Feb - that much I can tell you! I have truly enjoyed co…

Mary, Your Book Sucks!

Let's talk about reviews! I've never been one to get up on a platform and shout from the rooftops, "MY BOOKS HAVE NO MISTAKES!"

I know other authors who do that, but not me. I'm human.

For this newsletter, I thought I would touch on a few reviews and address them. I WILL NOT be posting who wrote the review. That's mean. I'm just addressing the overall issue.

Let's start from the beginning …

A couple weeks ago, I made a massive mistake. I read my Goodreads' reviews. Ugh! If you're an author, take this piece of advice: Don't do it! Ever!

Anyway, I read them and the majority were great. They even gave me some confidence about my writing, then … there were others. So, let me begin by addressing them... one-by-one.

1)  Typos/Grammar.

The review said: This author sucks. She doesn't know how to spell or put a comma.

This is a big one and I know it. This review came up on The Muse and the Fairytale (New Hampshire Bears #1). This is a fair review, beca…

I am about to confess something weighing on my mind...

There are times when a human just has to tell the world the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth! But, it's hard to do. Especially, for me!
I know this blog is meant to talk about books and giveaway amazing gifts, but lately I've been using to give you an insight of my life. Some have enjoyed it. Some of unsubscribed. I get it and I understand. 

However, opening up myself to you all has really helped me personally and I'm going to continue. I hope you enjoy them as well and - possibly - helping you as well.

Let the confession begin...

I am human. Shocking, I know. Nonetheless, I am and - to top it off - I have feelings. A lot of them! At times, I can keep bottled inside. (Well, I usually do that). I pretend my world is perfect via social media (as most people in the world do) and most of all - I keep the smile on my face. 

Now, I'm a naturally bubbly person. I love waking up in the morning, thankful for food in my fridge (and in my belly), clean water and a roof…

Do Self-Help and Self-Improvment Books Work?

Recently, in my personal and professional life, I've hit a wall.

Not just any wall... a wall made of the thickest steel in the world and nothing would bring it down.

Now, I'm not going to bored you with my self-pity party details, because everyone has problems in their lives and that isn't what this is about.

In January, I turned the big 3-9! Yep, my thirties are almost in the past and the I'm knocking on forty's door. Normally, I'm okay with my birthday. Usually, my spouse takes me out, I drink a bottle of wine by myself (well, that's any given day - but my birthday one will be expensive, not the Kroger ON SALE Tag kind I normally look for on an average day) and at the end of the night, I will have a LARGE piece of cake (or maybe the whole cake - whichever!).

However, this year it was different.

I should have been proud of being 39. In 2018, I lost 60 pounds. I hit the USA Bestseller List. I landed an incredible day job and a promotion at the said job. So, when…