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A Player and a Tattoo Artist (NH Bear Book 8)

Alden Brockman is better known as the manwhore of the New Hampshire Bears. He’s the top player on and off the ice and never, ever had an issue getting a female into bed. A simple smirk, a wink, or a smooth phrase in his French-Canadian accent and they fall right into his arms. No matter what technique he used, no one ever told him no.

Until now…

Baylor Royer has worked hard to open her own tattoo shop and provide a good life for her ten-year-old son, Kace. Then after a one night stand with her client Alden Brockman her world changed. Now he wants to date her. But there’s one problem – Baylor knows it’s only because she told him no. She’s never had a steady man in her life because she doesn’t want Kace to get attached to a man who’s just going to leave at the blink of an eye. Plus, she’s even more scared she’ll fall in love with the wrong man. 

Could the biggest player actually fall for a single mom? 

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