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First, I totally stole this idea from Lindsay Paige! Hands down ... stole it!!

I might be in trouble ...

Oh, well...HAHA!

Anyway, as you can see from my previous post I have A LOT GOING ON!! A LOT!!

So, I am going to need help! That is why I am looking for Betas..

Now, a few conditions before signing up ...

1 - you don't have to do any editing ... nope!! none!! You're just going to read and give me feedback

2 - this is a non-paid beta read BUT I will give you some perks! You will be the first to read my newest project. You will get exclusive swag and signed books from me.

3 - you need to be trustworthy. I don't stand for piracy, at all! I don't have a single problem prosecuting either. Think I'm joking.... don't forget my day job is a paralegal! I know lawyers!

4 - not ALL my books are Hockey Related!! I have a a lot of different projects!

5 - I will take the first 5 that sign up .. so be quick!

If you want to join and beta read .... here is the simple part....…

UPDATE on Writing and STUFF ..............

Everyone seems to be asking about what's going on this or that?? So, I figured I knock it all out in one shot ...

^^That's so me^^

Anyway, let's begin with The Ice Series

Melting Away the Ice has a beautiful new cover, and I love it! Breaking the Ice has been doing great on the Amazon Sport Romance list!!


Now about Book 3!!! As you all know, this will be Charity's and Marc's Story!! I'm super excited about this one! I am thinking that it will be around the End of March/Beginning of April for that release!

I have some of it done, but not all!

Then there is THE BIG QUESTION....will there be a book 4????

I am going to be honest in saying ... I don't know!! I had originally planned for it....but now ..

I know so many of you have asked ... I don't want to beat this series to death and everyone ends up hating it. So, I'll just see what happens......for now

ONTO THE NEXT POINT..... Sara and Lucas, Rachel and Max ....

Again, you all want these story…


It's my birthday! I'm 29 (again!)

I can't believe how much has happened since my last birthday (where I was 29)!!

I have published two solo books, 2 book and a novella with Lindsay Paige, and I think there is a lot more to come!

So, since it's my *cough* 29th birthday .. how about a giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

2014 Diet/Healthy Update

The woes of the new year brings new resolutions. It happens every year, to everyone! I'm no exception.

Every year I set myself up for epic failure because I make this reach-for-the-stars resolution, and I never reach it.

Thanks to my dear friends online (yes, I'm a social media fanatic!) I came up with this concept. Okay, it's nothing Earth shattering, trust me.

Anyway, this year I've decided to do daily goals (for  my author life) and monthly goals (for my personal life).

I'm going to share the monthly goals with you and keep you updated. I think that will help me stay on track too, because if I see it in black and white I have to do it. (sounds strange I know)

So here they are:

1) lose 5 lbs

2) eat NO MEAT

this isn't that bad because I've been (somewhat) meat free since November

3) Workout at least ten days the whole month

There they are!! 

If you want too see the things that I'm eating .. follow me on Instagram