Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hello World!

It's Tuesday, and yes I should be giving you a teaser of my new book ... BUT, I'm being selfish and going to do an update instead!

Oh yea!! 

I just finished up TNVAE event with (always amazing) Lindsay Paige!

And she 'tricked' me into a tattoo (FYI: it hurts! A LOT!)

Nonetheless, it was a great trip and I love spending time with my #writingbff !! She is my world!

Onto other news, I've signed on with Red Coat PR. They're an amazing PR company and I'm very lucky that they're going to take a leap of faith with me!

Remember Always Forever .... It's still on sale for 99 cents! So be sure to pick it up!

Now, about future projects:

LP and I are finishing up Oh Captain, My Captain, and we will be announcing release dates soon!

I'm also announcing another book! 

This book has a long, and very complex history, HOWEVER, it is a hockey book!! (WOO HOO!)

It's called:

The Hockey Tutor

and it will be out in September (sometime)

I'm still working out the details

So, that's it for now!