#FatGirlsStory -- Where did I leave off?

So, I haven't been updating y'all on my story because 1) I've been busy 2) I've been sucking at diet and exercising 3) I don't like to keep telling everyone I'm failing.

Here's what been happening. Last weigh in I was 283. Last week when I weighed in I'm now 292. Let me tell you the tears I've cried seeing that number on the scale.

I hate it thinking I'm so close to 300 lbs. I know it's my own fault and I can't seem to  shoving food into my mouth. I eat when happy, sad, glad, mad, and every single moment in between.

I know that I need to do something about and sitting around belly-aching about it a HUGE drag.

Today, I took some type to get some recipes from Pinterest and I have some small bowls to keep back my portions in control. I have NO...I mean NO Junk Food in this house.

I'm done being fat. I'm done with looking in the mirror and not liking what I'm seeing. I don't like it one single bit!

Time for a final change.

I have made a small goal and I'm going to keep it. I have a BIG convention in November in Huntington, WV called Rebels and Readers.

I weighed myself this morning and I'm still 292 so in 109 days I want to be 250 lbs. That's 42 lbs in 109 days.

I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it.


  1. I hope you make your goal! Don't be so hard on yourself!! :)

  2. I hope you make your goal! Don't be so hard on yourself!! :)

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