Sunday, July 31, 2016

UPDATES: Where is Book 4 of the New Hampshire Bears? and What's wrong with the other New Hampshire Books?

It's that time of month again ... all the updates for the Bears and upcoming projects...

Let's begin

I need to start with I'm sorry. I've recently been getting a lot of emails, messages, and reviews about the first three of the New Hampshire Bears books and their editing.

I need to apologize for this...

I know this isn't a joking matter and I feel horrible for this. Let me explain this out a bit more. I'm the worse person about grammar. Sure, I can speak eloquently, writing is a whole other story (see...there's a pun!). I want to say I'm getting better, but that would be a lie. 

I've hired another editor to re-do the first three New Hampshire Bears books. However, this takes time and I'm hoping to have them all done before the snow falls. I will keep everyone updated and then you can download the newer versions.

Again ... I am sorry. This won't happen again.

Now ... onto happier updates...

The Arrangement (which is Book 4 of the New Hampshire Bears) will be out Sept. 19, 2016! I know it was supposed to come in August; however, real life problems have come about and delay some much needed writing time. There are no preorder links at this time...

But there is a cover...


Also, I have a new website and all the book updates will be there

Check it out:

That's all the updates I have for now ... but you know me I'll have more ramblings soon!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hello Bears! (And Other Updates)

Where is 2016 going? It's July already! I can't believe it! Seems like a good time to update everyone and what has happened and what is to come!

Since January I've published 3 books and one novella all for my new series, New Hampshire Bears

Book 1: The Muse and the Fairy Tale

What are readers saying about it:

"This book, though, was down-right addicting, and just SO MUCH FUN! It consumed me and the only reason I didn't devour it in one sitting is because I had to sleep." -- Wren Marie (Amazon)

"I was a little put off by the cougar beginning and jokes/insecurities but soon grew to love both Meadow and Kyson. It was great to see the viewpoint of an author writing and how a muse is found (google AND Twitter!). My only disappointment was it was over too soon!" -- Elizabeth L (Amazon)

"The characters are well thought out and beautifully developed. The wit and banter between Meadow and Kyson is so much fun." -- Angie Michael Wells

Book 2: The Workaholic and the Realist

What are the readers saying about it:

 "There were some interesting themes in this story from abandonment to forgiveness, love, romance, friendship, loss and dealing with grief. I loved the support the main characters got from their friends however it was their easy going relationship from the start that I really got my attention. This novel had great character development and an interesting storyline." -- Kay (Amazon)

 "Being in my forties, I related to Harlow a lot. She has great taste in music. I love her sarcasm and dialogs. I love their pet names for each other. Their verbal banter was entertaining. Both characters have a lot of depth." --Diane Lynch

Book 3: The Hero and the Fat Girl

What are the readers saying about it:

"The progression from the sham love affair to the real marriage was wonderful, but the addition of one small major character, all of eight years old, really dhows just how on top things this author is." -- Patricia M

"The story is awesome." -- JZ

I know a lot of readers have commented about the title of this one. Yes, FAT GIRL is a derogatory name and as an overweight female, I wouldn't like being called a fat girl. However, it this title (and story) there's a purpose for it and it's important! I hope you all take a chance on it.

Now...what's to come...

Oh so much ... so much!

In August, Book 4: The Arrangement will come out and this will be about Vance and Dacey! If you want to read the prologue, I did a charity book (which is why it's $2.99) and it's a novella.

In October, the highly anticipated book 5: The Coach and the Secret will be out. I use the term highly anticipated loosely, because I think it's about ten people who've asked for it. (HAHA!)

Here is what I'm working on and they should be out early winter 2017 and spring 2017

Book 6 of New Hampshire Bears (not titled yet) (This will be Captain Hamilton Baer's book)
Book 7 of New Hampshire Bears (not titled yet) (This is a surprise character book! *wink*)
A paranormal book about wolves and fairies
A paranormal book about vampires
A general/contemporary romance book

I think I have it all laid out! 

I want to thank you all for the support! Thank you for supporting the best job I've ever had!