UPDATES: Where is Book 4 of the New Hampshire Bears? and What's wrong with the other New Hampshire Books?

It's that time of month again ... all the updates for the Bears and upcoming projects...

Let's begin

I need to start with I'm sorry. I've recently been getting a lot of emails, messages, and reviews about the first three of the New Hampshire Bears books and their editing.

I need to apologize for this...

I know this isn't a joking matter and I feel horrible for this. Let me explain this out a bit more. I'm the worse person about grammar. Sure, I can speak eloquently, writing is a whole other story (see...there's a pun!). I want to say I'm getting better, but that would be a lie. 

I've hired another editor to re-do the first three New Hampshire Bears books. However, this takes time and I'm hoping to have them all done before the snow falls. I will keep everyone updated and then you can download the newer versions.

Again ... I am sorry. This won't happen again.

Now ... onto happier updates...

The Arrangement (which is Book 4 of the New Hampshire Bears) will be out Sept. 19, 2016! I know it was supposed to come in August; however, real life problems have come about and delay some much needed writing time. There are no preorder links at this time...

But there is a cover...


Also, I have a new website and all the book updates will be there

Check it out:


That's all the updates I have for now ... but you know me I'll have more ramblings soon!!


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