Sunday, April 26, 2015

#FatGirlsStory Week 2 -- You weigh how much? and Author Updates

Y'all I've had a long week! No joking! It's been the type of week you want to crawl into bed and never leave, with a bottle of wine next to you.

Yep, just like that.

However, there have been high points! So, let's start there,

I exercised everyday last week. This is what I did:

8 miles on stationary bike
3 miles on the elliptical
5 miles on treadmill
50 sit ups
250 stairs on stair master (not in a row! but the whole week)
100 squats (I really did 100 I didn't count the ones I only half squatted)

All in all it was a good week!

Now, onto the BIG QUESTION......

How much weight have I lost?

So, last week I weigh 285. 
I know...I'm big...I got it! 
I don't need anyone to comment and remind me. 
I own a mirror!

I weighed myself this morning and I am ........

wait for it............



I'm so proud of me! 
I know 5 lbs isn't a ton, but you have to start somewhere and I have to go slow. 
I don't want to drop a real fast and put it back on.

Now ... onto the Author front ....

Wow, where do I start on this topic?

Lindsay Paige and I released the sixth book of the Oh Captain, My Captain Series, You and Me Forever.

It seems strange to say it was our sixth book! Let's not forget the three Penalty Kill books, either.

It's almost two years since LP and I started writing together and look were we are! 
Crazy, but wonderful!

We are still working on our super-top-secret project! 
I'm hoping to announce something soon, but nothing yet...,you have to wait...


Now for my solo projects this is what is coming in the next few months:

A New Adult College Football book (this is with the editor and the cover is finished)
A Contemporary Romance (this is finished and about to go to the editor. The cover was a custom shoot with model, William Scott, and the photographer James of Sasserfraz Pictures. I'm so thankful for them to helping me out and I can't wait for y'all to see these pics! This will be out June/July)

I have several others, but nothing concrete for release dates.

That's it ... Those are my current updates!

As always, thank you for everyone who is supporting me and helping me! You all mean the world to me.

Also, to all the fans/readers of my book and the ones I do with LP...y'all are amazing ... THANK YOU!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fat Girl's Story: Week 1 - Ripping off the Band-Aid

Last week I started a blog-journey called Fat Girl's Story and I put a line in there about 'ripping off the band-aid'. 

Well, I received a message stating I should be truly honest with everyone. I asked the person what did she mean. She stated if I was going to be honest with everyone I should divulge all the information about myself. 

I did say I wouldn't do that, but she made a point.

But I want to yell....... I DONT WAN TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING!!

Then again....

I said I would tell the truth ... so here it is

Hello, My name is Mary Smith and I'm 35 years old and I'm 285 pounds. I went 26/28 jeans and 5x shirts.

Yep, it's the truth. I'm THAT big.

FYI: this is probably the craziest thing I've ever done. Sure you can look at me and you know I'm overweight. There's no mirage here.

However, telling people my actually weight (besides my doctor) is something I've never EVER EVER done.

But here it is. Well, here I am and I'm putting it all out there. It's only fair if I'm truly going to do this the right way.

I'm well aware I'm never going to be a model. (I know you're shocked by this). I know I'm never going to be in a skinny-miny bikini and I'm okay with all of that.

I want to be healthy. I don't want to go to the doctor every month and see that look in her eyes when she says I've still not lost any weight and it's only getting worse. I don't want to go into a store and the attendant says "Sorry we don't carry those sizes."

I want to be a person who is healthy and I've started doing that!

So here is what I did this week in fitness....

2 1/2 miles on the treadmill
1 mile on the stationary bike
1 mile on the elliptical
65 steps on the stair master
50 sit-ups
30 squats

It's not a lot, but it's more than I've done in the past .... twenty years ... so it's a big accomplishment!!

Now next Sunday I will weigh myself and YES I will post it on here for all the WORLD to see.

So, be easy on the comments please when I don't lose anything....Rome wasn't built in a day! (or so they say!!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fat Girl's Story: The Beginning

I have been overweight my whole life. I've always been that girl. However, it's never bothered me.

Until now...

I'm 35!

I Know RIGHT! It's scary!

However, it's time for a change

I have stopped eating the four main meats (beef, chicken, pork, and turkey). I do occasionally eat seafood and I still eat dairy. So, please don't call me a vegetarian or vegan, because I'm not either of those.

Nonetheless, I'm now eating healthy, And an occasional cheat day. 

So on Monday I took a huge leap off a cliff. Okay not literally; however, I did something I'd never thought I would do.

I joined a gym, And  ... and .... and hired a trainer......

Are you shocked? Trust me I am! Because if you know anything about me is that I hate to sweat and I hate to exercise.

Nonetheless, I have exercised for two days now and I'm still breathing.


So, I'm telling you this because I'm going to be documenting everything I do. Yep, I'm exposing myself via the internet. Now, I WILL NOT be taking any pictures, Well, nothing that I'm going to show yet. But with this story needs to come some band-aid-ripping-pain.

I'm not a 'stress eater' or anything like that. I'm a EATER! I love food and if it's bad for me...I love it more.

and .........

Now since I've changed my eating habits I'm still struggling with portion control. I'm working on it, but it's a high mountain to climb.

So, this is the beginning of the journey. It's going to be embarrassing for me telling you all my ups and downs, but I think (in the end) it will be good. I'm going to get healthy and I starting it today.

My first day at the gym was tough, but I walked one full mile. (Trust me I've never done that before unless I was heading to the corner store for a Little Debbie Zebra cake!) Then I went onto the stationary bike. I went (almost) two full miles there. Apparently, if the zombies attack I need to get my butt onto a bike.

Of course, my legs were burning when I finished. BUT I DID IT!

Now, today I worked on my arms, back, chest, and abs.

Oh the FEELS!

But, I'm still breathing and I'm going back tomorrow.

I'm going to keep everyone updated about this crazy trip that I'm embarking on ...

Until next time!