Teaser Tuesday: Melting Away the Ice by Mary Smith

So, I figured that my first post should be a teaser post!! What a great way to start off my new site, right?

So, here you go: (please remember this is not edited)

Just then another set of doors opened and several men came out.  Well they aren't that bad looking, I thought, for guys missing most of their teeth.  The crowd rushed towards them with excitement and sharpies. I stood there and watched as each player posed for pictures and signed whatever was handed to them.  I never saw a player complain or even seem annoyed by it.
        "You shouldn't miss the opportunity to meet them," a male’s voice said next to me.  I jumped with a start.  I didn’t even realize that anyone was around me.  It was then I saw the exit door was ajar and I could feel the brisk cold outside. 
        "I am fine.  I don't need to meet them," as I quickly looked up at him.  He had to be at least 6'2” with dark hair but I quickly turned away.
        "Not an Eagles fan?” he asked.
        “Not a hockey fan," I stated back. I search for Rachel in the crowd.  I spotted her bouncing all around getting a t-shirt signed she was wearing under her jersey. 
        "Not a hockey fan.  That can't be true," he scoffed.
        "Nope it is true.  I do not like hockey," I shifted uncomfortably.  In my head I was trying to figure out a way to run away from him.  Will I always be this uncomfortable around all men?
        "Wow, I don’t think I have ever met someone who did not like hockey, especially at a hockey meet and greet,” I could hear the laugh in his condescending tone. I just nodded still looking anywhere but at him.


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