Teaser Tuesday: Melting Away the Ice by Mary Smith

Oh it is about that time.  It is Tuesday!!!

Here is a little teaser.  Please remember that it is not edited .... yet

“I don’t think I have answered that many questions before about law,” I said as we slide into the booth. We had found a bar and grill not too far from the hotel that we were staying at.  The seminar was more intense than I had anticipated. All the students were asking great questions but it seemed to never stop.
“Me too, but some of the students were hot,” Rachel cooed.
“Really?  We were there to discuss the new statues due to the outcomes of the Supreme Court rulings not flirt with the students.” I scolded her in my lawyer voice.
“Don’t speak Lawyer to me, lady,” she pointed her finger at me, “All I know is I need a drink and we are off the clock,” she tapped her watch and waved down a waiter. 
The waiter came by and we ordered drinks and appetizers.  The bar and grilled was a little bit crowded, everyone was talking and laughing.  We chatted about work, TV shows and little things.  I was starting to feel very relaxed from the drinks, the food and the atmosphere, when the waiter brought us another round.
“Sorry, we did not order these,” Rachel tried to give the drinks back.  We had to do another seminar in the morning and we both did not want to have hangovers.
“No, you didn’t.  That guy did,” The waiter pointed over his shoulder and walked away.
“Oh my stars,” Rachel breathed.  Her eyes got wide and she grinned like a chasseur cat.  “You aren’t going to believe this,” she looked at me with the brightest smile on her face.
“Ladies, I don’t think you look like Pittsburgh fans,” a male’s voice said behind me. Instantly, I stopped breathing.  I turned and looked up to see Lucas’ blue eyes looking back at me.
“I am Eagles fan,” Rachel stated firmly, “but she might need some convincing.”  She pointed right at me as she was speaking with Lucas.  I whipped my head at Rachel and gave her the meanest look I could collect.  It didn’t work because Rachel just laughed at me. 
“May I join you or do you have others coming?” Lucas asked me.
I could not form words.  It was on the tip of my tongue as he stared at me, but it would not come out.  I did the next best thing; I nodded and slide over in the booth. Talking with him on the phone was easier than face-to-face.
“Would you look at the time?”  Rachel said tapping her watch.  “Looks like I need to run and get some beauty sleep.  You two should enjoy yourselves,” Rachel stood up.
“What?” I almost shouted it.  Oh, sure now I decide to speak. 
“Sara, I need to prepare so I can finish the seminar tomorrow,” she declared like I should have already know that.
“Do you need to leave to?” Lucas asked me in almost a sad voice.
“I –“ I am so confused.

“No, she is staying.   She was not asked to do the seminar tomorrow.  She is completely free.  Her only plans were to go to the game tomorrow night,” Rachel jumped in. I knew she was lying because we both were supposed to do the seminar tomorrow and she was going to the game too.
“You are going to the game?” Lucas was still looking at me. It was then I see a small smirk on his face and a glint in his eyes.
“I, um, --“ Why can’t I say anything?  I sound like a babbling brook.
“Yep we are,” again Rachel spoke. “I am leaving now.”  She looked over to me.  “Try to form a sentence, sweetie.”  She patted my hand and I feel my face flush.  Leave it to Rachel to embarrass me with the truth.  She then looked over to Lucas with a stern look.  “And you,” she pointed her perfectly manicured finger at him, “I don’t care if you have been my favorite captain for the last 5 years, you hurt her and you die. Bye” She waved her fingers and walked away.


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