BIG BIG Announcement

Well, my life has been crazy (in a good way) these past couple weeks.

Let me tell you what has happened:

You all know that I am an avid reader and blogger. Long, Long ago I read a series called "Bold As Love" by Lindsay Paige. I fell in love with this series and began to chat with Lindsay on Twitter and Facebook.

Through our conversations we learned two things: we love books and hockey! Now, granted, Lindsay is a Penguins fan, but I will let that go.

Anyway, I approach Lindsay and asked if she would read my book. I was shocked that she agreed to read it!! I may or may not have fan-girl scream.

So, after a few days, Lindsay contacted me back and she said she really enjoyed my book. *insert another fan-girl scream* I was so happy to hear the nice things she said to me.

Then a few days later I received an email from Lindsay about writing a trilogy with her.

DO WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

I may have fainted!!! No Joke!!!

Want to hear more about our BIG BIG BIG project.

HEAD TO OUR SITE: The Penalty Kill Trilogy


  1. That is AWESOME!! Congratulations Mary!!

  2. That's awesome Mary!! Congrats and keep us posted.


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