My To-Do List

WOW! I am really sorry that I have not been posting on this site. Shame on me!

It is not because I do not love yall....I have just been super busy ....

First things first ........... I just need to say ....... OMG ........ CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!

and here is a little eye candy for me, for you...

Okay, back to my point........let me update you:

1) My book Melting Away the Ice comes out Sept. 13, 2013. It is being published by Nevermore Press and I do not think I could be anymore excited about it.

2) The book that I am co-authoring with Lindsay Paige is, Breakaway, and it comes out Aug. 15, 2013.

3) Lindsay and I are beginning to work on Book 2. We don't have a title of anymore information than the fact is, we are just starting.

4) I help start an amazing blog tour company with two dear friends of mine, called Book Hustlers.

5) I am working on two more writing projects of my own. I am not sure if it will be through Nevermore Press or just an indie pub, but I will keep you updated.

There is actually more to this list but some of it is still a secret ........

Stay tuned..........


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