New Release: The Arrangement (New Hampshire Bears Book 4)

Ahh ... another book release!

Can you believe this is my 37th book? I'm as shocked as you are!

For those who don't know, this is the fourth book of the New Hampshire Bears Series! Vance and Dacey's story. I know you all seen a a little of them in Book 2: The Workaholic and the Realist and Book 3: The Hero and the Fat Girl ... but now it's all about them!

Here is a short blurb for you:

The first season of Vance Pemberton's professional hockey career has passed, and it was better than he could ever imagine. Now, a new season is upon him, but first he has to get married.

Dacey Grion gave her word to remain in an arranged marriage with Vance and move to America from Northern Ireland. Now, the year is up, and she's walking down the aisle.

But not all is as it seems to appear. When a shocking revelation reveals itself and and injury halts Vance's playing, will these two hold tight to each other? Or crumble from the pressure of their arrangement?

You can purchase it here:


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