Good Bye 2016! Hello 2017!

Oh 2016! Has it been as rough on you as it has me? At least the last several months seem to be. I'm just talking about the celebrities deaths either. My real life has been a roller coaster.


Let's recap my year of 2016 and give you a small preview of 2017.

Are you READY?

It began with my introduction to my new series: The New Hampshire Bears!

Book One: The Muse and the Fairy Tale had been my first solo book since Aug 2015. I had been writing with Lindsay Paige and been focused on other projects I hadn't published solo in a long time. It felt like it anyway.

FYI: This book is perma-free on all platforms! Grab it up!

The came book two: The Workaholic and the Realist in April.

Then came The Hero and the Fat Girl in June

Then The Arrangement in Sept

And lastly The Coach and the Secret in Nov

Remember all profits of Coach's book goes into a special account for the daughter of whom Coach's story is based off of. I want to take this time and thank you all for this book success. To date, it's my highest selling book and I'm so glad to give the money away for the young girl's future.

But not only did I have my new series, I also ended a series with Lindsay Paige. Our Ninth Innings Series started in 2015 and ended in 2016. It had been a great time writing with Lindsay and I can't say enough of her talent! She's taught me so much about myself and the author world. I know many have asked, but at this time, we have nothing else planned for our writing future together.

Now, what about 2017?

I hope it was all a good one for you all because I was asleep by 10:30 pm. Yep, I'm old and I know it!

But back to the topic at hand, I will tell what books I have finished and/or almost finished writing and the alleged publication dates. Always remember this is subject to change.

The Captain and the Broken Girl (New Hampshire Book 6) will be coming to you Feb/Mar 2017.
The Backup and the Baby (New Hampshire Book 7) will be coming Apr/May 2017.
The Player and the Tattoo Artist (New Hampshire Book 8) will be coming July/Aug 2017.
The Goalie and the Rich Girl (New Hampshire Book 9) will be Oct/Nov 2017.

That's all for the hockey portion of my show!! HAHA!

Now, there will be other books. If you read the New Hampshire Bears you know there's a baseball team, Manchester Cats, and a football team Concord Rams. There will be books for them, but I can't promise them for 2017. I have started on the Cats books and have outlines for them all,  but no dates and very little writing on them.

Other books that WILL be coming in 2017.

Wolf-Shifter book with a few additional paranormal species in there . Look for it around the Spring 2017.
Vampire book which be coming the Summer of 2017.

I'm excited about writing paranormal again! I've missed it.

Now, here is a quick announcement as well. I have moved the majority of my solo books to KU (AKA Kindle Unlimited). My goal/plan is to keep my books (minus the free ones) on KU/Amazon platform. I know so many use iBooks, Kobo, and such, but I'm taking the leap/chance on KU and I've seen a turnaround on my books. 

Also, The Unit Match Trilogy, will be put into a box set. It shouldn't be took long for that. Probably Feb/Mar time. 

Lastly, The Ice Series, is getting a make over. In Feb it will be released from the current publisher. I wrote those books in 2013 and it seems like a lifetime ago. Anyway, they are being re-vamp with new covers, new editing, and I'll be 'adding' some scenes to it as well. Be on the look out.

I want you all to, if you haven't already, sign up for my newsletter. Click here. I am having some HUGE giveaways this year. Want a preview? Kindles (yes...plural!), signed book (and not just from me! From super-duper famous authors), swag (special swag only for those who subscribe - you don't want to miss it!), and so much more!!

Again, I thank you all for another incredible 2016! Even though it's been rough you all make it so much better!!


  1. Oooohhhh! I can't wait to check out the paranormal books you've got in the works!


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