Are you ready for The Captain and the Broken Girl?

The Captain and the Broken Girl is here!

I know I have been hinting around about this book a lot lately, but it's finally here!

What do you want first? The cover? Or the blurb?

Let's do the blurb!

Hamilton Baer is not only hardworking and stubborn, but he’s also the captain of the New Hampshire Bears. However, he has a big problem. Hamilton broke the heart of the only girl he’s ever been in love with. After spending the entire off-season in misery, he now has a plan to win her back.
Janan Long has had a hard life. Having had an abusive mother, she was forced to become overly protective of her family and most importantly her heart. When Janan found herself opening her heart to Hamilton Baer, he did the unthinkable and shredded it. Just as Janan was finding a way to move forward from the fears she’s been hiding, Hamilton comes calling again. Except this time, she won’t be so easy to win over.
Will the Captain be able to piece her heart back together? Or will the broken pieces of Janan’s heart be impossible to mend?

Excited yet? I hope so, because here comes the cover.


Oh I'm so happy to finally show you this cover and I think it might be one of my favorites yet!

What do you think?

Now, for the finally announcement...

You can have Hamilton and Janan in your hands on February 6, 2017!

Be sure to watch out for the links! They'll be coming soon!



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