I know. I know. I need to hang my head in shame for not keeping you all updated.

Real life sucks sometimes and mine has been sucking a lot, lately.

I'm here now and I have updates! Several of them! So, grab your coffee, or wine, and sit back.

Update number 1: Where is the next New Hampshire Bears book? And who is it going to be about?

At the end of The Goalie and the Best Friend's Sister, I did not state who the next book was going to be about, as I've done with the other New Hampshire books. The reason for this is because I wasn't sure there were going to be anymore.

Writing used to be fun.

However, I lost my mojo for it.

The fun had left and it became a job. A job I didn't want anymore. However, I have some of the greatest friends in the world. They helped me find my way back into my fictional world and I began writing again.

This leads me to the other part of the question... Who is is about?

This is an easy answer. It will be about Bas and his friend Erin. The title will be The Lush and the Angel.

No, I don't have any links yet, because I'm still writing it. I'm looking for a February release date.

However, I have received the cover ...

It's so pretty! At least, I think it is!

Update number 2: What about those spin-offs you keep talking about?

Well, I'm so glad you asked.

I always try to leave little hints (or for you younger peeps, Easter Eggs) in all of my books. You have seen me mention (several times) about the Manchester Cats, Concord Rams, and Nashua Tigers.

However, I've left out one BIG detail ... Bas' brothers.

You know Bas is one of a set of triplets. You know Bas is from England. (Insert a swoon remark of their delicious accents!) But what I have left out is ... they're athletes as well.

The Manchester Cats' right fielder is ... Bax Zorn.

The Concord Rams' wide receiver is ... Beck Zorn.

Now, I know you're wondering about the Nashua Tigers. You're right, you should be. There are no brothers of Bas on that team. However ... however ... the females in Bas, Bax, and Beck's books are also connected to the female in the first Nashua Tigers book.

Update number 3: Isn't Elle Kimberly writing the Nashua Tigers' books?

You're 100 percent correct.

Elle Kimberly is a great author and will be writing that series.  This means, that particular series, will be clean romance. There were will be mild cussing (if any at all) and no sex.

I know you all are used to me and my crazy sex scenes, but please give them a try.

Update number 4: If you're connecting all these books, how long do we have to wait for them?

*insert evil laugh*

I have a plan and I believe it'll work out just perfectly.

You all know how much I hate waiting for books. It's my pet peeve. I want them now. Therefore, I try to do the same for you.

These four books (if all goes well) should be out two weeks (or less) apart from each other.


That means no real life interruptions.

I PROMISE to keep you all updated ...  PROMISE!

As for now, have a great New Year's! 2018 is going to kick butt! 


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