The Lush and the Angel (New Hampshire Bears 10)

2017 had to be one of the roughest years of my life. It seemed like if something went wrong, it did. I still can't believe I even made it through. However, 2018 isn't starting off much better for me. 

I've not released a book since October 2017.  This has been the longest between books and it's weighed on me. I'm not a perfect author. Actually, if anything, I might be one of the worse. No, I'm not looking for pity or sympathy. There's a point to all this rambling.

The New Hampshire Bears are my babies. It's funny because I don't even have kids, but these characters have entwined their lives into mine. No, I'm not crazy and yes, I know they're not real. Please don't go off and call for help thinking I'm losing it over here. I promise I'm not. 

However, I've not been doing justice to these books and have been really focused on working on changing how I write, to write better and to be an overall gooder author. (See, what I did there? Gooder!! HAHA) Okay, back to serious mode ... 

I want to thank you all for supporting me, for taking your hard earned money and spending it on my books. I really don't believe you know how much it means to me. Truly, I care for each and everyone of you all!

The Lush and the Angel is not as long as my other books and I'm warning you of such. However, Bas' story is a bit complicated and I know you'll all have questions at the end of it. Let me answer a few now ... 

1) Yes, you will see more of Bas in other books
2) No, at this time, I'm not going to write another story for him. But, never say never!

Also, here is an update of NH Bears and upcoming projects coming up ...

  1. I have laid out books 11, 12 and 13. I have titles and my amazing designer is working on the covers. 

  2. Yes, players of the NH Bears are going to be traded/retire and new characters will be coming onto the team.

  3. I am still doing the spin offs for the baseball and football leagues. I'm currently working on those.

  4. The NH Bears (the current ones released)  will be split up into 2 box sets and I'm hoping to have those out by the holidays. 

  5. I am working on a paranormal story (which I'm LOVING!) and I hope it'll be out late this year or maybe 2019.

  6. I am working on a novella series which will involve high in call FEMALES and MEN! (Haha! Thought you'd like it!!) This will not be out for a while because I want them all to be complete to ensure quick release. 

  7. I will do better keeping you update and not slack as much! (Heard that one before. right? HAHA!)

If you would like to pre-order The Lush and the Angel please click here. I want to reiterate again, how much you all mean to me! 

Thank you,



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