What's in my purse?


Now, this might seem like a silly little post, and you're right. However, on a day like this, silly blog posts can bring smiles to our faces. 

I'm currently carrying a Michael Kors bag. I bought it at TJ Maxx. I love that store! 

Inside this you will find the following items:

  1. a small makeup bag (never leave home without it.)
  2. my paper calendar
  3. a small notebook
  4. numerous pens (no seriously! when I was typing this I counted them ... there were 15!)
  5. my wallet (which I really need to clean out) 
  6. 2 sets of ear buds (I didn't even know I had them in there)
  7. my cell phone (obviously! haha)
  8. my kindle paperwhite (never go anywhere without it)
  9. glass wipes (because my glasses get so dirty and I don't know how)
  10. my business cards (because you never know when someone will want one)
  11. my external hard drive (I keep it on me because I'm always afraid someone will steal - I don't know who, but it's my fear!)
  12. gum (lots it it) 
  13. eye drops and allergy pills (because it's that time of the year)

Now, what's in yours? 


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