Epic Fail BUT 12 days until Melting Away the Ice

*hangs head* Okay, I have so failed keeping up with posts here. I beg for your forgiveness and give me a second chance !!!

*on hands and knees* PLEASE!!

Are you still here? ............................. GOOD!

Okay so this is what happened in August.....

Lindsay Paige and I released Book 1 of the Penalty Kill Trilogy: Breakaway. We have remained in the top 50 since a couple days after the release! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

You can purchase it here:

Now, I am about 12 days away from Melting Away the Ice! *insert panic attack* I'm so nervous but my amazing family at Nevermore Press has been so helpful!

So, I thought about doing a PATRICK SHARP COUNTDOWN. If you are visiting for the first time, Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks is the muse for Lucas Sharp, the main character of my book.

This means each day I will post picture of Patrick and a "small" teaser !!!

Here is today's:

*sigh* Oh he is so yummy! 

Here is the teaser:

I watched the game, mainly because I promised Rachel, and she made me. She kept pointing out players, reasons for the penalties, and key points of the game. I mostly watched number eighty skate. Every time he was on the ice it was with determination and purpose. He was a natural on the ice. It was like he belonged there and nowhere else. We were so close that I could hear the skates on the ice, snow from the skates flying everywhere. I could hear the command of the teammates yelling at each other and I watched them flow through each play. The air became thick with sweat, purpose, and the desire to win. The crowd was on their feet yelling at bad calls, or cheering for good ones, and as the seconds ticked by they shouted for the win. 


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