2014 Diet/Healthy Update

The woes of the new year brings new resolutions. It happens every year, to everyone! I'm no exception.

Every year I set myself up for epic failure because I make this reach-for-the-stars resolution, and I never reach it.

Thanks to my dear friends online (yes, I'm a social media fanatic!) I came up with this concept. Okay, it's nothing Earth shattering, trust me.

Anyway, this year I've decided to do daily goals (for  my author life) and monthly goals (for my personal life).

I'm going to share the monthly goals with you and keep you updated. I think that will help me stay on track too, because if I see it in black and white I have to do it. (sounds strange I know)

So here they are:

1) lose 5 lbs

2) eat NO MEAT

this isn't that bad because I've been (somewhat) meat free since November

3) Workout at least ten days the whole month

There they are!! 

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