First, I totally stole this idea from Lindsay Paige! Hands down ... stole it!!

I might be in trouble ...

Oh, well...HAHA!

Anyway, as you can see from my previous post I have A LOT GOING ON!! A LOT!!

So, I am going to need help! That is why I am looking for Betas..

Now, a few conditions before signing up ...

1 - you don't have to do any editing ... nope!! none!! You're just going to read and give me feedback

2 - this is a non-paid beta read BUT I will give you some perks! You will be the first to read my newest project. You will get exclusive swag and signed books from me.

3 - you need to be trustworthy. I don't stand for piracy, at all! I don't have a single problem prosecuting either. Think I'm joking.... don't forget my day job is a paralegal! I know lawyers!

4 - not ALL my books are Hockey Related!! I have a a lot of different projects!

5 - I will take the first 5 that sign up .. so be quick!

If you want to join and beta read .... here is the simple part......

Sign up! I will start a Facebook group and we can just have a blast!

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