UPDATE on Writing and STUFF ..............

Everyone seems to be asking about what's going on this or that?? So, I figured I knock it all out in one shot ...

^^That's so me^^

Anyway, let's begin with The Ice Series

Melting Away the Ice has a beautiful new cover, and I love it! Breaking the Ice has been doing great on the Amazon Sport Romance list!!


Now about Book 3!!! As you all know, this will be Charity's and Marc's Story!! I'm super excited about this one! I am thinking that it will be around the End of March/Beginning of April for that release!

I have some of it done, but not all!

Then there is THE BIG QUESTION....will there be a book 4????

I am going to be honest in saying ... I don't know!! I had originally planned for it....but now ..

I know so many of you have asked ... I don't want to beat this series to death and everyone ends up hating it. So, I'll just see what happens......for now

ONTO THE NEXT POINT..... Sara and Lucas, Rachel and Max ....

Again, you all want these story lines 'finished' up, and I think you're right!! We all want a happy ending for these four.  Will it be a FULL LENGTH Novel???? I really doubt it, BUT I do have some great ideas in mind and I will talk to Nevermore about finishing up their stories.  Once I have the 'official' yes (or no) then I will let everyone know!! So, head over to Nevermore's Facebook Page and tell them you want more ICE SERIES .. HAHA .. maybe then they won't say 'NO'...hahaha!!


Oh that Lindsay Paige ... I have fallen in love writing with her, and I'm so sad this is our last book ...

Book 3, is being written (as we speak) No really, LP is in there right now writing!! haha!!

Now, for a release date....there isn't one yet! We want this book to be perfect, especially since it's the last. As soon as I know, then you'll know!

Will LP and I write anymore together? Never say Never, because you never know

LAST POINT .... I'm Real Series and other projects

I recently announce that International Best Selling Author, Dawn White, and I will be writing a NA Paranormal book. SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! This is all in the starting phase, so there is nothing really much for me to tell you!

I'm Real Series is STILL GOOD TO GO! Nevermore will be publishing this! However, do to some personal issues it will not be out until Late Feb/Early March. This is all my fault that it wasn't done on time. I am very sorry about that .. I  mean it too!!

Lastly ....... there are a few other projects that are in the works and I'm going to keep you updated (once I have more details)!! So, just hang with me because if all goes as plan (and it sometimes does) 2014 WILL BE A BIG YEAR!!!


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