Teaser Tuesday: Always Forever by Mary Smith

It's that time again!!! It's Tuesday!!

Here is a small look at Always Forever (to be published in Mid-June 2014):

Please remember that this is subject to change and may have edit issues!! This is from Colton Cruise's Point-Of-View

I still gawked at the female. I couldn't figure out if she was a groupie, or a member of the band.
Then I watched her smoothly pull the guitar strap over her head, and adjust it to sit low on her hips. When she turned, I was taken back. She was really gorgeous, even in the low light that was around the stage. Even though she was very short, she was curvy, and her skin appeared to be milky and smooth.
Yep, I would like to fuck her, I nodded silently.
I heard them practice a few chords, tuning their instruments, as another wave of people came into the bar, towards the stage. Within moments, the bar was packed, and I could feel the energy in the room.
The spotlight turned on, and the crowd erupted into screams. Wills was right this band had something to it.
The lead singer stepped up to the mic. His hair was longer and a dark green. “We’re Twisted Misery,” he announced, and music began.
The drummer began to pound the percussions, and the strobe lights gleamed off his blue spiked hair. The bass guitarist strolled up to the end of the stage and began strumming wildly on his instrument, as his long fire, red hair swished around him.
But it was the girl that held my attention the longest. She had stage presence, but she wasn’t out front like the other guys.
Until she opened her mouth.

The crowd died down, as she began to sing. My mouth agape by the sounds that left her. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. 

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