Where have you been?

Have you ever been at the store or out and about, and see someone that you haven't seen in a very, very long time?

What are your first thoughts? Typically it's something to the effect of:

Wow, you look great.
You haven't aged a day.
OMG! It's been forever!

Okay, that last one is what I do!

So, here is the reasons for my absences:


Okay, I've got nothing.

All I've been doing these past few months is writing. Yep, that's it.

So, here is the update:

Shattering the Ice (The Ice Series) had an amazing debut and I don't know how to thank everyone for it.

Since, that series has ended, I have turned my focus onto my newest book: Always Forever.

That should be out mid-June. I don't have an exact date, because...well...this is my first solo Indie published book, so I'm trying to make sure that it's all perfect, before I hit "publish".

I'm so nervous about this book!

However, I can't wait either!

Also, The Penalty Kill Trilogy has finished too. Lindsay Paige and I couldn't be happier, because we have more surprises in the works!

That's it!

That's all I've got right now!

Stay Tuned For MORE!!!

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