Teaser Tuesday: Always Forever by Mary Smith

Ah, it's Tuesday again ... which like Monday Part 2 for me ... but whatever!

This post is an update and a teaser! What?! That's like a 2 for 1 deal!


Always Forever is with the formatter and I'm hoping to get it back this week. When I do I will hit publish, grab a bottle of vodka and hide in the corner!

None the less I'm hoping to have it out this week!

Now for the teaser and it's from Colton's point-of-view:

Lucy slammed four stacks of papers in front of me. “The conference room is reserved and you need to go over these now.”
“Lucy, I’m eating breakfast with my brother. This can wait a little bit.” I looked up at my assistant. Her bright blonde hair had purple streaks in it today. Her neon green capped sleeve shirt read ‘I Eat Brains and Pussy’. She sat down between Patrick and me, giving him a loud kiss on the cheek.
“Good morning, Pats.”
“Hello, Lucy.” He smiled at her.
“And Colton.” She crossed her legs that were covered by leather white pants. “Don’t use Pats as an excuse to slack off this morning.”
“You know, I should fire you,” I moaned pushing away my plate and sliding the contracts over to review them.
“I’ve known you since kindergarten, you can’t fire me, I’m like family.” She reached for my plate, pulling it in front of her and eating the contents.
I trust Patrick most in my life, but Lucy was a close second. We went to school together and ran with the same crowd of friends, but it was after high school everything happened, when we became close. Lucy helped me out with Patrick a lot, and when I started working more with Shine, I brought her along. Now, she’s my right hand and does everything for me. She was right. She was family, like our sister.
I began flipping through the pages reading over Twisted Misery’s future. “Did you add that special clause to Ivee’s contract?”
“Yeah.” She took another bite. “But I still find it a little strange.”

I didn’t comment, as I turned the pages. I tuned everything out as I continued through each stack. When I got to Ivee’s I double checked it, because I didn’t need her coming back at me with any smart remarks, and I knew this would work.

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