Teaser Tuesday ...

Its Tuesday .. and you know what that means .....

Yep .. teaser time ..

So why not a little sneak peak from my WIP (Work In Progress). This one is for Nolan Long, who is my muse for the main character, Colton Cruise:

Chapter One

God, what a day. Thankfully, I can relax for a bit here, practically alone in the dark empty bar. The bartender is tending to her side of the place, getting ready for what is supposed to be a busy night and the reason I’m here. According to what I keep hearing, this place is going to explode with tons of people all waiting to hear this one band that plays here every so often. The last time I was here, I found the band, Shine, that pretty much got my career to where it’s at today.
When the owner, a business acquaintance, told me about this band, I had to come. After all, he played a part in me becoming the manager of Shine, a rock band that has had so much success. I’ve been looking for another group to launch and so here I am. Despite my crappy day so far, I grin and stand from my seat when I see the owner, Wills, coming my way.
“It’s good to see you again,” I greet, shaking his hand.
He nods and says, “It’s about time you’ve made your way back here, Colt. You’re going to love Twisted Misery.” We take a seat and I ask him to tell me a little more about them. “Besides the fact that they have a bunch of talent?” he chuckles. “They’re a young band; haven’t been playing together long, but you wouldn’t know it by watching them. So much energy too. The crowd loves them.”
“Well, I look forward to hearing them.”
“They will be a hit, just like last time, Colt. I -” Wills sentence gets cuts off suddenly as music begins.
I look around him, hearing a guitar dominate this place. At first, my eyes are glued to the slender fingers on the neck of the instrument. They move easily and fluently, but with clear intent. When a voice joins the guitar, my focus travels up the arm to a curtain of long black hair. The girl’s face is shielded by her hair as she seems to be looking down. Her voice in combination with the angry tune is haunting and captivating.
“Who’s that?” I ask without taking my eyes of her. I can’t even see her face, but with a voice like that and that petite body, she’s just as captivating as the song.
“That’s the lead guitarist in Twisted Misery. She’s just a piece of the talent though,” Wills answers.
Just a piece? It gets better than that? Damn. The girl finally lifts her head, eyes closed as her face shows all the emotions of the song. The rage clearly displayed as she sings and I realize I’m as lost in the music as she is. She owns the mood, the stage, the music. Somehow, she seems in control of what she’s doing, but at the same time, lost in the lyrics. She sings about being left behind, getting pissed at the world for it, and coming back for revenge.

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Don't forget Breaking the Ice (Ice Series #2) will be out Dec 6, Off the Ice (The Penalty Kill Trilogy #2) will be out Dec 5, AND Our First Christmas (The Penalty Kill Novella) will be out Dec 23 

I will be very tied in December !!!


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