WHAT I AM READING: Faithful by Kelly Elliott

First and foremost in my life I am a BOOK NERD!

But because I have trying to get all these books out .. I haven't had much time to read ..

So I started a 'goal' system. If I hit my 'goal' of words for the day then I will read a few chapters from (whatever) book I'm reading, or really want to read.

This week's book is:

*sigh* Kelly Elliott, I heart her and her books! I am so excited because in February I will be at the same signing event as her. When I found that out I was like ....... 

If you know me from my other site (Book Nerds Across America) you know how I am ?!?!?!?! I can't talk to celebrities!! And she is the frosting on the cake of Celebrities!!

So, when I see her for the first time I will probably pass out ... for real

Thank goodness my Bailey Ardisone will be there with me. 

Anyway ... enough of my rambling ...

If you haven't read anything from Kelly .. start right here:

Then here:

 Most of Kelly's followers are Gunner fans.. Not me .. It's all about Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff ...

Everytime he is on the page I'm like: 

Now be sure to stalk Kelly Elliott:


So that is what I reading ..... I know it will be just as
amazing as the others

What are y'all reading?


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