Friday is the best day of the week. Not just because of the end of the work week. 
But it's FREE BOOK DAY!!

That's right readers, there are free books to fill your lovely Kindles!

First, I'm going to pimp some books I worked on!

Would like some hot baseball players?
Click HERE

Or a hot, deliciously sweet hockey player?
Click HERE

Or a younger, just as hot, hockey player?
Click HERE

Now, it's time to pimp some of my friends ... 

This book is just as good as the cover! 
Click HERE

This book is amazing! 
Click HERE

Now, for fun, I'm going to add in some KU authors to mix it up a bit. Please remember if you don't have KU then you'll have to purchase the books ... 

Okay ... that should cover you for the weekend! 



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