What Makes Mary Smith Happy?

Many of you are new to my writings and such. So, I thought today I would tell you 10 things that make me super-duper happy. Not just happy ... super-duper!!

#1: Books


There's nothing better than getting lost in a good book!


Come on now... are you shocked by this one?

#3: Chicago Cubs

I was a Cubs fan before it was cool! HAHA!

#4: Cooking

I fail at a lot of things I try, but the key is ... I try!

#5: My family:

Many of you might not know this, but my mother is currently battling Stage IV Head and Neck Cancer. She's my rock and best friend. She has always made me happy!

#6: Netflix

I live for my account. I have seen so many new shows and movies and I love them all!

#7: Starbucks

I'm certain I spend the majority of my income there. #truestory

#8: Kindle

When my Kindle Fire died, I ended up with an iPad (it was on sale, which is why I got it.) But the Kindle app just didn't do it justice. Therefore, I purchased a paperwhite. GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE! I love it more than air!

#9: Social media

I know this might be a strange one, but social media has opened many doors for me in variety of ways. 1) I can keep in touch with my family across the US and The World. 2) I have interacted with people I would have never met in my life ... ever. 3) I can promote my work/writings and meet new readers and fans!

#10: Readers

Every one of you who purchase my books, read my books, and review my books make me happy every single day! I can live my dream and I thank you all for it! 


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