Let me tell you a story...

If you step into the world of social media, there's always so much hate on there anymore. Hate against religious groups. Hate against the government. Hate against other bloggers. Hate against other authors. And it always makes me sad.

So here's a more uplifting story ... about me! I know it sounds conceded, but bear with me for just a moment.

I want to tell you a story about doing something good for someone else. See, I'm always that person in line at Starbucks who pays for the person behind me. I'm that person who carries change around to give to the homeless and such in the area. I'm that person.

Now, I'm not telling you this to boost my ego... Absolutely not!

I'm telling you this to pass it on and why I do it.

It was about two or so years ago and I was at my local Target. I remember it was the holiday season and you know how rough that time of year is.

I was in line and stressed to the max after fighting a crowd of people and been standing in line for way too long. All I want to do is go home and drink wine.

I'm on my phone, not paying attention to what's happening around me when I hear a woman complaining. Now, this isn't uncommon to overhear in a crowd of people, but this was different...

She was complaining about the woman in front of us.

The woman who was bitching was perfectly dressed. You know what I'm talking about. Everything matches, her makeup is perfect, her hair professionally done and she looks down on all the little people.

The young female in front of her wasn't dressed as well, but clean. She has a small baby, less than a year old, in the cart and a buggy with diapers and formula in it. That's it. Nothing else, but baby items.

The problem ... she was paying with cash and didn't have enough.

For everyone who knows me, I'm not a kid person. I mean, I don't have any of my own and don't want any, but I understand those you are parents and want to be. That's great for them. It's not for me. However, this female was trying to be a good mom. 

Back to the story ... this poor woman had to choose between diapers and food for her baby. I can't let that happen. I grab my purse, walk around the bitchy lady, (I may have shot her a mean glare) and touch the young girl's shoulder.

"How much are you short?" I asked her.

There were large tears running down her cheeks of embarrassment. "Six dollars."

I pulled out my credit card and swiped it (this was before the horror of credit card chips). The cashier smiles and hands me the receipt. The young female hugs me. If you don't know me, I don't like to be touched, but I understood why she was and I hugged her back. I said, "Merry Christmas." and went back to my cart.

The story isn't over.

When I reach my turn to check out, I didn't have enough money for my items. I keep myself on a tight budget due to my travel schedule. So, I gave the cashier my two bottles of wine and a shirt to put back. I could afford them, but they're not items I had to have.

I pay for my items and leave.

As I'm loading up my car, I saw the young female with her baby getting on the city bus. My heart swelled with pride, knowing I helped someone who needed it.

Did I have to pay for her whole cart?


Why did I?

Because I wanted to help someone and give them a small smile for the rest of the day. You don't know what other people struggles are. Maybe that small gesture you do changes they're entire outlook. Not just the day, but maybe the week. It takes a small moment to change a person's life.

As I shut my trunk, there's a tap on my shoulder. I turn to see an older man.

"Here." He lifts up a bag. Inside is the two bottles of wine and shirt I had put back. "I saw what you did and you're a good person."

I was speechless.

He tells me, Merry Christmas and walks away.

To this day, I have never forgotten that man kind words and it still makes me tear up. 

Moral of the story: pay it forward because it comes back. 


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