What do you want from Mary Smith?

A lot of you have come to this site because you've read my books and/or heard about me from another author.

For those of you that have read my books, here is my question:

What do you want me to write next?

Here are your options:

1) Book 10 of the New Hampshire Bears series
2) a book about an arranged marriage. Oh, and they're wolves!
3) a book about vampires
4) just a simple, sweet romance novel

BTW, I actually have all of these in the works right, but I just don't know in the order to publish them.

For those of you that have come to me and not read my books, then tell me what you like to read.

Here are your options:

1) hot, hockey men
2) sexy wolves
3) deliciously, lickable vampires
4) or the nice guy next door


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